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Standard Features

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Standard Features

Every Whsipering Woods house complete with:

  • All necessary permits for building, water, and sewer
  • 42-inch concrete footings (to manufacturers' specifications)
  • Vapor Barrier --poly blanket with gravel
  • Set and Finish --Home blocked, leveled, finish carpentry, and contractor clean
  • Tie Downs (to manufacturers' specifications)
  • Utility Hook-Ups --Electric, gas, water, and sewer lines hooked up and tested
  • Heat Tapes --Exposed water lines taped to prevent freezing
  • Skirting --White vinyl T-Lok with vented panels
  • Steps --Pressure-treated wood steps as needed (2 sets will be provided)
  • Sidewalk --From street to front or back door
  • Driveway --750-square feet two-car asphalt driveway (garages and carports also available)
  • Landscaping
    • One Hardwood Tree
    • Shrubs --10 Plants will be planted and mulched
    • Seeded Lawn
    • Street Light installed
    • Storage Shed --144-square feet (12x12) with pressure-treated wood floor, painted to match home.

Tree and shrub varieties are chosen by Whispering Woods. After installation, homeowner is responsible for watering and other maintenance of lawn, tree, shrubs, and streetlight.

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  • Model Homes - View photos and floor plans of popular Ritz-Craft® and Skyline® homes.



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